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Treatments aimed at physical well-being , through Shiatsu using the pressure of the fingers to promote a balanced energy flow by harmonizing the body and mind.

N aturopathy is a set of holistic alternative medicine practices that aim to stimulate the body's innate self -healing capacity (homeostasis ).

It is not intended as a substitute for traditional medicine, but as an aid in the psychophysical healing process.
After a careful analysis of the person accompanied by specific tests and a careful interview, natural herbal remedies , essential oils , Bach flowers and holistic rebalancing techniques are recommended.

The Tuning Fork is a treatment generated by prolonged harmonic resonance sounds made to be absorbed by the human ear.

The Sound is perceived softly, creating no resistance or any discomfort and manages to reach deep inside

It is an individual treatment aimed at obtaining a functional improvement of biological activities , resulting in a restart or an increase in one's own vital energies .

BIOPTRON® phototherapy acts in a natural and non-invasive way, favoring the body's natural regenerative capacity .

The light energy , reaching the tissues, promotes the biostimulation process; if applied to the skin , in fact, it stimulates the photosensitive intracellular structures and biomolecules, triggering cellular chain reactions that are not limited to the treated skin area, but can affect the whole body.

All biological processes are stimulated bringing a significant improvement to the whole organism.
Ailments such as joint pains , headaches , wrinkles , scars , inflammation of various kinds can be treated, it also helps to lift the mood and much more.


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